The Journey to Your Goals

Updated: May 17

It’s going to extremely difficult in the beginning, messy in the middle and rewarding in the end.

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According to the Big Bang theory of the universe, it started with a single explosion which created chaos over next billions of years which lead to the universe we know today. So think about your goals which start as exciting thoughts in your mind. However, when you think of pursuing those goals, it’s bound to create chaos and it can be overwhelming.

If you don’t prepare yourself to deal with the challenges, reaching your goals can seem like an impossible proposition. Often times what happens is we get caught up in the intricacies of how difficult something is to achieve and we hold ourselves back from taking the necessary action.

The fact is it’s extremely difficult to start pursuing your goals. Which is why most people don’t even bother. And those who do may give up because they don’t go through the two main steps of the journey. The first one being, they don’t expect the chaos.

Intellectually almost everyone knows how difficult it is to achieve a goal. However, they don’t expect their journey to be difficult.

You see expecting your journey to be difficult is different than being negative and psyching yourself about the challenges that lie ahead. Instead expecting your journey to be difficult is about being mindful that you are going to face challenges. It’s about thinking of the possible roadblocks you’ll face and not let those stop you. It’s about developing a mindset that allows you to see/think about difficulties and still be able to take necessary actions.

When this negative anticipation is applied positively and consistently, you’ll be able to foresee possible challenges and not be discouraged in your efforts.

Next is Step 2 of the journey. Once you’ve learnt to expect the journey to be difficult, you’ll need to manage your expectations. Once you’re certain that you want to achieve your goal and that it will not be a breeze, you’ll do well to manage expectations.

Of course by all means be positive about reaching your goals. However learn to manage your expectations. This is how you can do this.

First. Accept that you’re responsible for your actions and can only control your efforts. You can’t control the actions of others. And if your expectations are according to someone else’s opinion you’ll always feel less than fulfilled. Instead concentrate on your efforts and actions alone. Learn to block out negative opinions. Put in your efforts in the best way possible.

Second, learn to assess your expectations. Are you being reasonable in your expectations. Are you really putting in the efforts to reach your goals. Be honest about your expectations. When you do, you’ll learn to manage them better!

So here’s an exercise to expect your journey to be difficult as well as how to manage your expectations.

Step 1: Write down all those scary things that are holding you back

Step 2: Anticipate your fears. What really scares about each of those things

Step 3: How many of these fears can you start to address and are in your control, what one thing can you do to address this fear, it can be something extremely small but start thinking about it and write it down.

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