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The Power of Beliefs

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Do you remember how old you were, when you decided that you could do something or not do it? Research shows that we start forming beliefs between the age of 7-10 years. During these formative years, our mind starts giving meaning to our experiences. And this is how we start forming our beliefs. It starts innocently and without bias. More about The Formation of Belief.

At the time, when we are forming our beliefs we aren’t conscious or mature enough to understand the conclusions we draw. Only when we grow up, can we judge whether our beliefs are empowering us or not. 

What separates a human being from another? Nothing, but one’s beliefs. Beliefs are more than just opinions. Beliefs are deeply rooted in our subconscious mind. These beliefs are the reason how we live our entire lives. The decisions we make in our lives, the relationships we have, the way we live our lives, all stems from the beliefs we possess.

Tony Robbins on eliminating self limiting beliefs

It's easy to understand this on an intellectual level, however  if we truly understand the psychological impact our beliefs have, we may look at our lives in a completely different light. 

Below, are some common self limiting beliefs in the major areas of our lives- money, love, health and self-image.

1. Money

'It's extremely difficult to earn money'

'I'm bad with money'

'It takes money to make money'

'Rich people are not good people'

'If you're rich you're doing something shady'

2.  Love

'If someone loves me they will love me unconditionally'

'Love hurts'

'It's difficult for me to fall in love'

'True love really doesn't exist'

'Love is actually a game'

'I can't find love'

'I'm not good enough to be loved'

3. Health

'I can never be healthy' 'I am so fat/thin'

'I don't look good'

'I am lazy'

'I am always tired'

4. Self-Image

'I can't succeed' 'If I try I may fail'

'I may get rejected'

'I am not emotionally strong'

These are just some examples of negative beliefs we've formed subconsciously in our minds. Replacing a belief can be difficult but not impossible.

Below, are some ways to address and start eliminating a self limiting belief 

1. Believe you can change your belief

Nothing can be achieved without believing you can. And ironically enough, we are talking about changing a self-limiting belief, which you believed in the first place. You have to be willing to change and expect to change this belief which doesn't serve you. Think about it, if it doesn't serve you let it go. 

Watch Tedx Talk by Dr. Irum Tahir

2. Start Small

Don't expect that your self limiting beliefs are going to just disappear tomorrow. Remember it's taken you years to form them, it'll take time. If you believe that 'you can't be loved' perhaps start small by affirming 'you can't be loved just yet', this way you won't overwhelm yourself.

Watch How to Alter your belief system- Evan Carmichael

3. Re-word your belief

The nest step will require you to reword your negative belief into something positive. If you belief is 'I'm bad with money', you can reword it to something positive such as 'I could be better with my money' or 'I can learn to be better with money'. Use your creativity and make an alternate positive statement around your self limiting belief. Say this enough number of times to yourself during the day. This works great if you can do it standing in front of a mirror or even when you're about to sleep at night.

Power of love affirmations for positive beliefs

4. Put it into action

This is the final step. Next time you get scared or react from a place of your self limiting beliefs, repeat your new worded belief and push through and take some action. This action can be as little as getting up and taking a short walk but as soon as you say your newly worded belief take a physical action. There's research that proves that the mind follows the body. By taking a small action with your new empowered belief you're affirming to the mind that this new belief is the one you want to stick to.

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