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Time Management Myths

We have all heard the phrase, ‘Time is Money’ and it has been ingrained into our mind even as little children.

Time might be money in the stock market, but sometimes you have to realise that this phrase does more harm than good. In the rush to make more money, people run out of time. We will never know why there are so many myths surrounding time management but we can attempt to break these myths down and get some clarity on time management.

Time can’t be managed

No one can grasp time and no one can control time or save time. All we can do is use it wisely and try not to waste the limited amount of time we are given in a day. The key is how we use the time we do have so stop trying to save time and think of ways in which time can be used wisely.

Make everything a priority

Everything is not a priority. You need to think rationally and set clear goals at the beginning of each day to understand what really a priority is and what is not. If you make everything a priority and try to do all the jobs at once, you are left running around like a ‘headless chicken’ and the result will eventually be work that is incomplete or work that is not up to the mark.

You must commit to each task

This is where the term ‘delegation’ comes in. If you attempt to complete each task by yourself, you are left feeling overwhelmed and drained by the end of the day. Delegate tasks and eliminate processes that see little to no results. A true leader is one who delegates and does not attempt to hold on to every little task without trusting a subordinate to complete it.

Save the hardest tasks for last

When you save the most difficult task for last you would have already exhausted your creative juices in performing the other smaller tasks and by the time you get to the more difficult tasks you eventually hit a wall of resistance. Instead of doing this, break larger or more difficult tasks into smaller bits and delegate whenever possible so that the harder tasks are completed efficiently.

Multi-Task works

This is good advice if you have a series of not so important tasks lined up and you need to finish them all quickly. But if you have a huge presentation coming up, it is probably not a great idea to multi-task because you need to focus on the presentation and ensure that you give it your best. It is better to dedicate a chunk of your time for the more important tasks than spending five minutes on it in between breaks.

Time management is not an easy feat and it takes a while to get used to the process. But if done correctly it can make your life a lot easier, more balanced and a lot less stressful.

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