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Let’s discuss how uncertainty can help you!

So, if this idea of being uncertain in life scares you then this episode is meant for you!

Are you someone who likes being in control of things? Do you want things to go your way? Chances are of course you are!

Me personally, have always felt comfortable knowing that a certain plan would work out. And when it didn’t it would leave be bitter and upset. For example, there was time when I was extremely certain and sure of a personal relationship working out and when it didn’t it left me feeling hurt and disappointed for a long time.

So I completely understand when someone may want to hold on tightly to the need of being in control and want to be 100% certain of things in their life.

However, what I’ve understood over the years is that this way of thinking is counter intuitive.

You see what makes life interesting is there’s so little that is in our control. And this idea of controlling any situation is only an illusion of our minds.

It is uncertainty that makes life incredible!

Instead of fearing the uncertain times and external factors that are looming large in our lives, the question we should be asking ourselves is what can we learn from it?

In my experience, I’ve found that what really makes someone achieve their goals (irrespective of the goal itself ) is how they respond to these uncertain times. How flexible and open they are to taking risks and also to correct their course of action accordingly.

The people who achieve success understand that most of the things in life are beyond their control. They can only control two aspects of any situation in life.

First, is how they respond to a situation i.e. their attitude and

Second, is what they choose to do about a seemingly difficult situation i.e. their willingness to take action despite the odds being against them.

These two learned qualities makes it possible for someone to deal with uncertainty.

Of course, this may sound too simplistic and it’s easy to be ignored. Which is why let’s look at the how uncertainty can help us if we learn to use it. Here are 4 ways this can can help you.

1. To become more self-aware

2. To become more grateful

3. To become more focussed in your efforts

4. Be humbled

1. To become more self-aware

Look, when you’re faced with an unexpected situation instead of dwelling too much on negativity and bitterness. What if you learnt to ask yourself ‘how do I want to consciously respond to this’ and ‘what should I do next?’ You’ll be amazed that when you take couple of minutes to consciously choose your reaction, it’ll be much better than the one which is an automatic or a seemingly natural reaction.

2. To become more grateful

When you truly understand this concept of things being beyond your control, it can help you realize the shortness of life. And once we value our life, it can help us open up our hearts and become more grateful for the blessings we enjoy in our lives.

3. To become more focussed in your efforts

If you’re wondering, I’m talking about things not being in control, how short life is and then how can I recommend setting goals and being ambitious at the same time. Here’s the thing. Being self aware and being ambitious at the same time is possible. In fact when you approach your goals with the understanding how short life is, you can become more productive in your efforts and be more mindful of your actions.

4. To stay humble

If we look at our so called failures through the lens of learning and growing, it’ll always help us stay humble in whatever we’re trying to achieve.

Instead of berating ourselves on our losses, if we learned to look at them as lessons it’ll help us humble our hearts which makes the whole pursuit of our goals worthwhile.

Now, let’s move on to the One thing you can do. How about you start recording all the times you’re faced with uncertainty and ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. How do I want to respond to this situation?

2. What is it trying to teach me ? and

3. How can I use it to help myself grow?

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