Your Values to Reach Goals

Updated: May 17

What are you some of the things that you value deeply in life? And No, we’re not talking about material possessions. In this episode, we’re going to look at what really matters to you i.e. your values, how to identify them, why it’s important and also learn how to use your values to reach your goals.

Values are qualities you believe are important in life. They are what determine your priorities. These are things which matter to you deeply. Examples of values would be being frugal, being honest, loyal, hard-working, loving, giving, or even caring about the environment etc.

If you’re conscious of your values your actions will be deeply influenced by them and ultimately so will the quality of your life. See, when your actions are inline with your values, life can feel amazing. If you deeply care about the environment and you choose to work for a non-profit, you’ll probably feel more fulfilled than if you were working for a big corporation that didn’t care about the environment as much as you.

So how can you identify your values?

You can start by asking deeper questions. In the race toward working hard and long hours for a fatter pay check it can be difficult to ask what is it that really matters to you. However, if you were to take the time to really examine what are some of the things that matter to you it can make your life so much more meaningful.

Ask yourself what being hard-working, honest, loyal or having any other value means to you? The deeper you can understand what matters to you and why, the more self aware you’ll be.

You can have several values all at the same time. When you start to identify the things that matter to you it can be an extremely eye-opening experience.

Word of caution though, it’s essential to understand that as your goals in life may change so can your values. And that’s absolutely okay! What matters once may not matter later, being conscious about them is the important aspect.

Remember at the beginning, we mentioned that when your actions are in line with your values life can feel amazing. The reverse is also true. If you don’t take the time to find out what matters to you, chances are your actions and values are conflicted which can result in you feeling less fulfilled in life.

Your values and life goals are closely associated. If your value and goals aren’t aligned then even reaching your goal may not help you feel fulfilled. So how can you make sure your values and goals are aligned?

Here’s a simple exercise you can do.

1. Determine the qualities you think you have or want to have for yourself (Such as caring, loving, polite, active, confident..)

2. Think of a time in your life when you expressed the above quality and how did it make you feel?

3. Now take a look at the goal you want to achieve and see whether the above quality helps you with reaching your goal.

If yes, great! both your goal and what you value seem to be in sync. If it doesn’t- think about the qualities you’ll need to develop to reach your goals.

5. Repeat.

In order to reach your goals, you have to first value reaching it. There are often cases when someone may reach their goal and not feel as sense of accomplishment and fulfilment because they didn’t value reaching that particular goal in the first place.

The healthy way of reaching goals is when you value what you want to accomplish and feel a sense of deep satisfaction when you reach that goal.

So, I invite you to look at the things that matter to you and then also look at what you’re trying to accomplish. Don’t forget to value what you’re pursuing!

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