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What are the steps to reach goals?

To reach any goal it's all about taking the right actions. Actions are made up of well-defined steps. However, taking the right steps to reach your goals can sometimes feel difficult and even confusing.

Is there a way to pursue your goals without feeling overwhelmed?

What are the steps? 

Identify your goals

Before considering the steps to reach your goals, one has to identify what do they want to achieve? 

Knowing the steps to reach your goals

Once you know what you want to achieve you have to ask yourself whether knowing these steps will help you?

You see there's a big difference between 'knowing something' and

'doing something'.

If you decide to take action and implement the steps to reach your goals then nothing can stop you from reaching them. However, you have to be willing to commit to implementing those steps or else they just become knowledge. And knowledge is only powerful if you implement it!

What you should expect

Once you have figured out your goals, and you even know the exact steps to reach them, you have to be prepared for what comes next. 

Very often, people don't prepare for this part of their journey which is so critical. Prepare yourself and anticipate what is it going to take for your to reach your goals.

Below are three scenarios that you will go through while pursuing your goals:

1. At the beginning you'll feel excited and motivated to pursue your goal

2.  After a while, you'll experience (and this may vary from person-to-person) you'll run low on both excitement and motivation

3. You'll feel like everything is moving against you. Like all the forces of universe are literally plotting against you.

Well if that seemed morbid, there's some great news! If you push through these phases, you'll be able to move to the final phase, the result that you truly want.

"Change is Hard at the Beginning, Messy in the Middle and Gorgeous at the End"- Robin Sharma

In the end, the steps to reach your goals are important only if you plan on implementing those steps.

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