Why Life Coaching May NOT Be For You

While life coaching is a fairly flexible exercise, there might be some people for whom life coaching is not ideal. Life coaching is probably not for you if any of the following resonates with your personality.

· Life coaching is a two-way street

In order for life coaching to become an integral part of your life, you will have to put in some effort on your end. A life coach can plan, motivate, push but they can only take you as far as you wish to go.

Let’s look at any aspect of our lives - till the time we’re willing to go the extra mile and work hard towards our development, nothing can move forward. Unless you did your homework, there was only so much a teacher could do to help. Unless you resolved to push the envelope at work, you’d never have gotten that promotion, and so on. Life coaching is no different – you need to help the life coach to help you by doing your best.

If you’re not willing to take those steps towards self-improvement, maybe life coaching is not ideal for you, at least, right now.

· In it to win it

If you decide to take on the services of a life coach, then it’s all or nothing. A life coach is trained to ensure that you unlock your full potential, by making sure you put in the due work.

One extremely important thing to know and understand is that a life coach does not have a magic potion or a shortcut formula to help you reach your goal. However, what (s)he can do is make the journey less arduous by giving you a plan, taking small steps towards following the plan, and making sure you don’t burn out in the process.

A coach can help you with their resources, however, if you’re not ready to reciprocate, then hold off on a life coach’s assistance.

· Viva la resistance, NOT

The only thing constant in life is change. However, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of embracing that change. We can’t stress this point enough – if you’re a stubborn person by nature and have a tough time accepting changing circumstances, then life coaching is definitely not an ideal choice for you.

Another personality trait that might clash with the idea of life coaching is the unwillingness to learn. A key factor in life coaching is to be open-minded and taking everything with a pinch of salt – whether it’s advice, suggestions, criticism, appreciation or general feedback.

If, at the moment, you think you can’t deal with the pressures of changing situations, take your time and seek the counsel of a life coach, if and when you’re a 100% ready.

· You know yourself best

When it comes to making decisions, there is only one person you can trust – yourself. If you’re convinced that life coaching might not be able to help you reach your goals, then, by all means, pay heed to your instincts.

Life coaching is not just about investing a small part of your day. It is a commitment that you’re making with another person for your overall improvement. Apart from just investing your time, you’re also going to be making a financial commitment. Life coaching also demands some amount of mental and physical stamina to be able to stick to your decisions, in order to reach your goals.

If you’re too overwhelmed by the thought of making this commitment at the moment then, you know it's not for you!

· Switch sides for a moment

Imagine a situation where you have a life coach but you’re not able to give it your 100%. Not only is it counterproductive for you but also for the life coach. If a life coach does not get the desired results for their clients, then they will also lose interest in coaching that particular person.

In order to avoid this unpleasantness, it’s better to be absolutely certain before taking on the services of a life coach.

In order to avoid the above circumstances, you can do one of two things – either completely drop the idea of a life coach for the time being, or partake in a sample coaching session that is usually free, and almost every coach offers a complimentary session.

Just because you don’t feel like you’re ready for a life coach right now, doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind in the future. It makes sense to hire a life coach only once you're ready to make changes and want results!

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