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Without this habit it's impossible to stay on track with your goals.

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Are you skeptical about setting goals in life? Well, you are not alone! Most people out there are tired of setting goals in life because they are unable to reach them. And without this habit its impossible to stay on track with your goals. The good news- it's a simple and learnable habit.

So, what is this simple habit? It’s- being Consistent. Yes you may have heard this before. Let’s break it down for you how you can become more consistent in your life. Here are three simple ways to be more consistent.

First, you may know this already, News Years is the time when maximum resolutions are made and even before end of Jan most of those resolutions are given up on! Think about that. It’s because when people set goals they tend to focus on intensity rather than on frequency. They may start off with a big bang but soon they lose the drive for ‘n’ number of reasons. So the first step to being more consistent is- Planning.

When we think about travelling somewhere new we have to plan in advance, similarly, to achieve your goals you need to plan ahead. Having a goal and not having a plan is the reason stay on track with your goals gets difficult. So for example: rather than saying I will lose ‘x’ kg in a month, you’d be better off by saying that everyday I will eat better.

Second, is develop a routine around your goal. Whatever may be your goal it’ll require you to take certain action. And to take action will require you to be disciplined. If the goal is to lose weight then having a routine like eating at the same time everyday can help. Create small routines around what you want to achieve. Depending on the type of goal- short & long term every person’s routines will vary.

The last key to being consistent is tracking. Once you’ve planned and set a routine around your goals the important step is to track your progress. It’s critical you start assessing your progress. It helps to have a journal to track your success. It’ll not only help you see how you are performing but it’ll also help you emotionally about what you’re trying to achieve.

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